I just orderd a jacket at twinkledeals. I've got a message from PayPal that my ordering will be payed at some Hassan. I don't trust it, can someone help me?

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I ordered through twinkledeals too, and it said hassan on my paypal receipt. I received everything as ordered and had no problems whatsoever! :)

Cibolo, Texas, United States #1290618

Hassan. Also connected to Zullily charges.

Huge deception. No customer service options.

Ellenton, Florida, United States #1258283

today is 12/20/2016 I still havent recieved my order. am considering call better business bureau to see if this is a fraudulent company.

I have been very patient but it has been almost a month now since money was taken out of my account. what is the problem?

Ellenton, Florida, United States #1254220

I ordered 4 pair of the novelty leg warmers and they still havent arrived. is there a problem? It was paid and taken out of my bank account over a week ago.

Vilonia, Arkansas, United States #1224866

Mine did too. I still gotten what I ordered.

I am thinking I may have been duped. No more twinkledeal for me :(

Shenzhen, Guangdong, China #1218443

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your recent comment.

We want to start by telling you that we are sorry about the situation.

Please check the email that we have send you, and confirm the account.

Customer could contact us at https://support.twinkledeals.com/ticket/ticket/index

We will reply you in 24 hours. You could also provide us your order number, we will check this issue for you. Best Regards Twinkledeals Customer Service


Was it a blue jacket with fur hood for 39.57?

I was charged and they never sent anything. I went through PayPal resolution center and the company "Hassan" asked me to wait two more weeks ( conveniently putting my claim over the deadline)

I waited until today and filed a claim.

It's deff got to be a scam, I hope PayPal can get my $ back

to Anonymous #1177201

yes, same happened to me with same company...hassan!!!!! we should somehow spread the word....?!


Same thing happened to me with trendsgal... it took 3 weeks to receive my clothes and when I did finally get then they were incredibly small and did not fit at all as well as the poor poor quality and material not matching the description of the product they suck!!

Request a refund!

They have 10 days to respond if on the 1th day they do not respond pay pal automatically issues your refund! Don't go with any of these companies that chop off half the models heads they are using someone else's photos such as sammydress.com

to Anonymous Eaton, Ohio, United States #1267013

Hey me too I ordered 2 suit the same day, I received one and I haven't received the other one from the same Hassan am disturbed. Please this is my email kyei.kwame@yahoo.com. if you have any information please let me know thanks.

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