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I began investigating TwinkleDeals several months ago after I had an order totaling over $160 refunded to Pay Pal with no explanation. What I have concluded: TwinkleDeals is owned by "Hassan", a Chinese "company". It's "website" is more than likely done by an individual - either "Hassan" or another individual with limited web building experience using a simple WordPress/Wix-type application. Almost anyone can build a professional looking website with apps like Wix. The photos of almost every apparel product using models are cut off below the chin so one never enough of the models face for recognition which would indicate that the photos are ripped off from other sites then cropped so the faces don't show. This "company" sells poor quality knock offs of the products shown in the photos. This is very similar to the Chinese-based Gucci bag knock off scam. TwinkleDeals may or may not have knockoffs of particular apparel shown on its website. In cases where they don't actually carry the product TwinkleDeals cannot fill your order or TwinkleDeals may be low in stock on many items and has to wait for more knock offs to arrive. Hence, the customer has to wait as well. TwinkleDeals may have no idea how long it will take to restock items and that is why in many cases customers don't get their orders filled on time, if at all. It is my educated opinion that this company actually does not sell a significant number of the products that it displays on its website. It only displays these products to create the appearance of having a much larger product line than it actually has. So, of course, if this company does not, in reality, have the product for sale, a huge problem is generated both for TwinkleDeals and customers. As part of my investigation, I ordered a synthetic wig to see what would happen. Sure enough, three days after I ordered the wig I got messages from TwinkleDeals and PayPal. My money was refunded to my PayPal account by "Hassan" with no explanation. The TwinkleDeals' customer service link actually goes to a personal email address:

customerservice645@gmail. com.

Can you imagine this kind of customer service paradigm trying to manage all of the complaints that are justifiably coming in? I strongly believe that in this wig case TwinkleDeals simply does not carry the product. I make this contention with confidence because of the speed – three days – it took to refund to Pay Pal. I had already suspected this since the very same wig was part of my first order that was also refunded to me via PayPal. There were likely other products in the first order that totaled $164 that they actually didn't carry also. TwinkleDeals appears to be an individual or a few individuals using the Internet to sell Chinese knock offs of apparel and other products sold by reputable companies. Reputable companies that have online stores and it is these online stores that are the sources of the photos of apparel used on TwinkleDeals' site. Some apparel are simply dresses, tops, etc., that appear to have been laid out on a plain-colored background but could possibly have had the person wearing it completely Photoshopped out. Ironically, wigs are one of the few cases where a model's face is not occluded in some way. My weeks- long probe into Hassan and TwinkleDeals led me to far too many red flags. Perhaps a more accurate name for this company would be TinkleDeals. In my research – based opinion, it is a very shady business and has a ***– like odor about it.

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I placed an order that was shipped March 27.Still hasn't arrived.

Customer service is nonexistent...I believe twinkledeals is a scam.Don't waste you time and money.

Waterloo, Iowa, United States #1238622

I just placed an order using my debit card do i need to change my account number n get a new bebit card..

Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #1237505

Dear Customer,

Thank you for taking your time to write your review.

I want to start by apologizing for what has happened.

Please noted that we are more than willing to help customer with the best solution.

Could you please provide us your order number?We will check this issue and figure out solution for you.

Or please contact us at with the title 'reply from pissedconsumer'.

We look forward to hearing from you.Best Regards Twinkledeals Customer Service

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