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They KEEP requiring submit complaint online and NEVER contact me except thru generic emails stating that i have a ticket number for the submittal NEVER acyually addressing my problem or calling to work it out. I am precluded by circumstance to comply with their return policy and they refuse to do right by me - and i wonder at any legitimacy in their business practices since receiving clown clothing cut up by scissors.

AND THEY TOOK MY MONEY FOR ALL THIS! You would think if they wanted my money for legitimate service, they'd be proud to back it up. Valid causes for questioning.

I caution ALL PERSONS to avoid business woth twinkledeals.com until you get a signed document that they will waive their "terms" which allow them to never send what you order for no reason & without notice or do amything they want at your expense with NO consideration of rights to the consumer. If they do not call me back, I am correct to make these accurate statements that this is NOT a business but a scam & i'll take it to the media if i have to to protect myself.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Shenzhen, Guangdong, China #1215489

Dear Customer,

Thank you so much for informing us about your shopping experience.

We wish to let the customer know that we are sorry for this issue.

Please rest assured that we have 30 days return warranty, for more about this, please refer to http://www.twinkledeals.com/warranty-and-return

Would you mind providing us your order number so that we could check for you?

Thank you for your cooperation. Best Regards Twinkledeals Customer Service

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