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About a month and a half before Christmas, Facebook suggested this site called Twinkledeals.com and these leather jackets I might like. They were really cute and when I saw the low price, I thought, "Whoa! This seems way too good to be true!" Aaaaand like an ***, I bought them anyway. Five items in total.

I ordered them on Nov 12. A couple weeks later, I received my first item, a yellow jacket. Upon opening the package, I realized I'd made a huge mistake. The quality of the jacket was clearly poor; the outer fabric was made of a spongy material and didn't look like the image. It still looked like it would fit me fine (I'm 5'4" 130lbs) so I tried it on. I put one arm through, then the other, and then cringed as I felt the inner fabric rip. I took it off and examined it. The inner fabric, which was a cheap silky material, had ripped. Not the kind of rip that can be fixed by stitching it up. I tested the other inner seams and found that by tugging on them ever so slightly, they were already threatening to rip. So since I knew I only had seven days to get a return/refund started (which, in my opinion, is a completely ridiculous policy. 30 days minimum would be better. But my guess is they don't want to give you enough time to return their cheap garbage products). I started a ticket right away, explaining what had happened--that I wanted a refund because this product wasn't even good enough to donate. I included images of the jacket and the rip, and a few days later, they responded. They were very helpful at first and said that they were sorry for the experience, and that they'd refund me what I paid for it, and there was no need to send the jacket back. I was happy, and a fool for believing them.

I received no refund. And when I went back to ask them about it, they had closed my ticket with the instructions to wait 10-15 business days for the refund to clear and to start a new ticket if I had more questions. Since I had ALREADY waited more than fifteen business days, I started a new ticket on Dec 28. Keep in mind, I still had only received the one crappy jacket, out of the five items I'd ordered, and I was wondering A) if I was going to receive them at all, B) if they were going to be terrible quality, and C) if they were, or if they never showed up, would I be able to get a refund for them?

I explained in the ticket what had happened. That I'd already had one ticket (I provided that ticket number), that I still hadn't received a refund after waiting well after the allotted number of days, and that four of my items were still missing. I was very mad at this point, and tactfully but honestly told them so. I told them I didn't want to wait any longer for items that may never even come, and that I wanted a refund.

A few days later, they responded, and asked me to explain what had happened (which I already had), include images (that I'd already submitted in my first ticket), the code on the outer package (which they hadn't asked for before), and THEN they'd be able to offer a solution. They also referred me to the refund policy page, where it talks about how you may be reimbursed with a partial refund if the quality of merchandise is poor, or if you never receive your items. I begrudgingly did what they asked, and told them I would be very upset if I got a partial refund for products I paid full price for and never even received.

I checked as often as I could for their response, but as it was New Years and I have a life (and I'm sure they do as well) I didn't check every day. Today, Jan 7, I received the second of my five items. It's a brown leather jacket. It has the same crappy silk interior which will probably rip, and poor quality faux leather (I'm saying poor even by fake leather standards). The jacket fit fine though, and will be worth wearing until it starts to deteriorate (I'd give it a few wears before that starts to happen).

I checked again on my ticket to update them that I'd finally received my second item and wanted to know where the rest were. But when I logged on, I saw that they had responded. They said they had set up a refund for me for the initial item they said would be refunded, and terminated the ticket without any follow up. No talk of the other three/four missing items, refunds, apologies, or solutions.

I have no clue if the other three items are on their way or gone for forever. I have no clue if I will actually get that refund, or a refund for my still-missing items. All I know is, I will never buy from this company again. They might be a "legitimate" business and not technically a scam, but their products are not worth the wait, the risk, or the homicidal rage. I'm not the type of person to demand refunds, yell at people, or even post something hateful, and I'm not a clothes snob. I guess I just have the expectation that if I pay for a product, I will 1) receive it, 2) not feel like I wasted my money on garbage, 3) not wonder if the company is capable of mailing a package properly, 4) not have to twist arms to keep a ticket open long enough to get a solution. I don't think any of that is too much to ask.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Shenzhen, Guangdong, China #1214897

Dear Customer,

Thank you so much for your important feedback.

I want to start by apologizing for what has happened.

Please rest assured that we have 30 days return warranty, for more about this, please refer to http://www.twinkledeals.com/warranty-and-return

Can you provide us your order number? Or please contact us at https://support.twinkledeals.com/ticket/ticket/index with the title 'reply from pissedconsumer'.

We will check the details and figure out better solution for you. Best Regards Twinkledeals Customer Service


I had a similar issue with them where I ordered a few items as I saw it on Facebook as an advert and thought it would be legit. I paid for fast delivery and 2 Months later I was still waiting for the items.

As I paid with PayPal I opened up a report with them and they got me my refund (full) very quickly. Twinkledeals have poor service and I would never use them again.

I have blocked ads from them on Facebook too. PayPal however are fantastic for customer protection :)

to Anonymous #1090065

That's really good to know, and I'm sorry you had a similar experience. It's been very frustrating.

I believe I paid with PayPal too, so maybe I can get the same deal. Thanks for letting me know. PayPal is awesome.

No complaints there. :)

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